Deana's first Deer "Spike Buck"

Opening Day 2014

T/C 25-06 at 15 Yards

The last 15 minutes of the last day of the season

Ethan gets the job done!

2008 Hunt

2008 rifle Hunt

Hon and His spike Buck

 2007 Bow Hunt

After four days of rain we were to have a small break in the weather.  I figured the deer would be on the move.  This buck strolled in at 13 paces from my ground blind and I waited for a quartering away shot.  I took the shot and he was gone and the rain started fall again.  It was a long night of waiting and wondering.  However, the morning brought blue sky and 90 yard  track.  


 Ethan and his first deer

2007 Rifle Hunt

Ten minutes after Nine on the second saturday of the season,  the quite of the morning was broke with a single CRACK of a rifle.  Moments later a second shot was fired.... 3/4 of a mile away Ethan's Dad sat in wonder....This had to be Ethan but why two shots?  A little over an hour later Hon got his answer.  Ethan had shot his first deer, a nice Doe with a well place shot with his .243! 

Hon had to ask "but why the second Shot?"  Ethans face lite-up and with a big smile he said "I shot a second deer"  Now the second deer wasn't as big as the first but he assured his Dad that it would taste just as good!

Below is Ethan, his Dad and Grandpa

and Ethans morning catch!  



 2007 Bow Hunt

Hon and His first Deer with a Bow

This deer was taken late in the Day at 15 yards.  Hon elected to leave the deer and track it in the morning.  In the morning we set out to track the deer and discovered that there was no blood trail.  It took some time but we recovered the Buck some 250 yards from the stand! 


 2007 Bow

 2007 Bow


 2006 Bow Hunt

I believe this is the six pointer I passed on in '05

He turned into a nice 8 pointer in '06!




 2006 Rifle Hunt

 2006 Rifle Hunt

 The Crew just before the 1 mile drag



a nice solid hit with the  F350