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Clearcut Tommy's Rebellious Nellybell 


Dean with Clearcut East Boundry Rebel

Rebel Pointed and Retrieved every Bird

She had a Busy Day

Deana, Jake, Dick (Dad), Hon

My Dad 80 years old and still putting in a full days hunt and shooting Grouse

Clearcut Leapin Lena
Opening Weekend 2003

 Clearcut Kennel      Springset Ice Hot
     '03 NFC / FC / AFC Gunsmoke Rising
       TNT's Busy Lizzie
       FC / AFC Falcons Jeb
     Falcons To The Extreme
       Falcons Awesome Strike
 Clearcut Leapin Lena  
       Springset Ice Hot
     Kelcastle Red Knight Hunter JH
       Springset Wiz Of An Answer JH
   Clearcut High Plains Drifter 
       NFC / NAFC / FC / AFC Pal Joey
     Clearcut Buckaroo JH
       FC Gordon'ach Remington Steele

 Clearcut Partner In Crime



Good puppies are no accident.   Careful selection of brood matrons is crucial to our breeding program.


My guarantee is that no Matron makes it into our breeding program without first proving herself as a top notch Grouse Dog.  If they don't POINT GROUSE and show the ability to handle them on a consistant basis, they don't get bred!  Our dogs must also demonstrate good field confirmation, style (both on point and in their manner of run), nose, birdiness, biddability, and personality.


I evaluate all of our dogs in September and October during the hunting season.  The dogs have to demonstrate the ability to consistantly point and hold Ruffed Grouse for the gun to make it into our breeding program and once there, they need to throw it in the litter box or they are not considered good breeding stock.


We are getting it done where it counts

Wild Birds


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